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The world of Lozeh is an integrated idea that includes more than 1500 different products of children's games (Montessori children's games - infant children's games - Islamic children's games - collective children's games) Distinctive children's games that serve all ages, from one day old to games suitable for all ages up to the age of 100 years From here, the idea of Lozeh for the year 2020 began

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Raising children using the Montessori method depends on a basic idea, which is the ability to control what the child learns, and provide knowledge to him in an innovative way through educational tools, including games that stimulate the child’s different senses, in addition to teaching him some good habits such as freedom of choice and proper movement. Islamic kids games Educational children's games with educational Islamic content to present Islamic values and morals in a fun way while playing for children of all ages. Group children's games Children's games aimed at bringing together families and children with educational and recreational games to develop intelligence and different mental abilities and nurture in them sportsmanship and understanding